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This Mobile App is very well equipped. The Applicant may know their Application Status, Retrieve the registration number, News and Alerts, Live Advertisements, Uploaded Photo and give any query / question / problem / feedback.

The Applicant can register / apply directly in any Recruitment Agencies. It does not need any third-party software to access the website.


Applicant Dashboard

The Applicant may create their user profile, upload profile picture, Download Application Form, Download Admit Card and Download Interview letter.

Smart Notice Slides

This App has the facility of Smart Notice Slides for the Applicant. So that Applicant can see live advertisement and voluntarily fill the form.

News and Alerts

The Applicant may know about live Advertisements, Examination Date and Interview date

Search Recruitment Agencies

The Applicant can search the recruitment agencies at their convenience and access its features.

Easy to use

With all the apps that users love! Make it easy for users to share, like, live advertisement and result announce etc. from the app. Be sure to let users know they continue to remain connected while using your app!

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